Phase 3 of the Bellevue State Park Playground Project

Project planning began in late 2006 with Bellevue Park Management for the
addition of a playground for ages 5 to 12 years. We received agreement and
ordered the playground equipment in late January 2007. By that time we had
raised the estimated $60,000 needed to fund this project. The equipment arrived
in late March in 91 boxes which filled a large garage at the Park. The materials
included eighteen main five inch supports weighing from 61 to 110 pounds, three
platforms, four slides numerous other pieces and 64 various types and sizes of nuts,
bolts, washers and rivets, in total there were in excess of 2250 individual parts.

The site had been previously determined by Park Management and was laid out
by the Claymont Lions Construction Superintendents
PCS Lee Bird and PDG Don LeCates in early May.

On Monday morning, May 14, with the assistance of park personnel the site
was prepared for the installation of the new playground equipment.

On Tuesday May 22, the largest piece of playground equipment, the climbing
rock, was installed by contractors. This climbing rock stands over seven feet
tall and is eleven feet in length and over four feet in width.
Total weight of the rock is in excess of 1850 pounds.

Over the next eight weeks teams labored in the heat and humidity
to install the many elements of playground equipment.

The playground starts to take shape.

Spreading over 46 tons of stone for drainage.

The 102 cubic yards of playground mulch needed for fall protection.

The Club also purchased three 8' steel benches which were placed around the Playground
area. In all, over 600 hours were expended by 25 Lions and 10 non Lions.

The new playground was opened the evening of Wednesday August 1 and within
minuets children were playing on the equipment. It is our belief that the newly-installed
equipment will provide enjoyment for the children who enter the park.
A formal dedication attended by over 70 individuals was held on Saturday August 4.

When the ribbon was cut the children rushed to play on the equipment.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the many contributors to this dream,
The Delaware Lions Foundation
The Laffey-McHugh Foundation
The Longwood Foundation
The Welfare Foundation
The All State Foundation
County Councilmen John Cartier and Bob Weiner
The Friends of Bellevue
and the numerous local Claymont businesses and members and friends of the Claymont Lions.

Without their support we would not have been able to complete this endeavor.