Phase 2 of the Bellevue State Park Playground Project

On Friday, October 28, 2005 the old wood train was removed and the area excavated
for the new train. In addition, the ground pattern for the train and play panels was laid
out. More than twenty holes were dug for the poles and ten tons of stone was spread
for the train base.

On Saturday, October 29 and Sunday October 30, the construction crew installed
all materials, mixed and set concrete in place and spread another ten tons of stone
and twenty-five cubic yards of mulch around the train set and play panels.

Over the three days of construction, fifteen Lions participated in the project.

Local residents asked the Lions what was going on. This was a great opportunity
to explain what Lions are all about. Potential new members?

The new playground facilities were functional on Monday, October 31 and children
were observed climbing on and through the train set that day. In addtition, the chimes,
bells and drums were heard throughout the park.